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Das Wunderlämpchen versprüht seine Magie nun auch in der Trierer Altstadt! Das zauberhafte Snackrestaurant erfüllt Ihnen gleich drei Wünsche: Es geht schnell, das Essen ist lecker und natürlich orientalisch!
Sie haben keine Lust mehr auf das tägliche belegte Brötchen in der Mittagspause? Dann wird das Wunderlämpchen Ihren Alltag aufpeppen. An unserer Theke haben Sie die Wahl zwischen orientalischen Suppen und Salaten, würzigen Sandwiches aus Fladenbrot, warmen Teigtaschen, zahlreichen Dips und vielem mehr.
Alle Speisen gibt es zum Mitnehmen. Aber wenn Sie eine Verschnaufpause von der Arbeit oder dem Einkaufsbummel brauchen, können Sie gerne bei uns Platz nehmen. Es erwartet Sie eine Reise in eine Welt aus Tausendundeiner Nacht!

Orient To Go

Das Wunderlämpchen
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Jörg BuhrigJörg Buhrig
17:36 23 Sep 23
Very tasty and super friendly service. I'm already looking forward to the next visit.
Rouven FösserRouven Fösser
15:46 23 Sep 23
Really good food. We had the mixed dumplings and the Arabesque dish. My wife and I were thrilled. Just something different.
Pizza2goo Pizza2gooPizza2goo Pizza2goo
11:51 19 Sep 23
Everything was perfect.Eat . Service. Price. Toilet Really clean.Gladly again .Teampizza2goo
Frau SchmidtFrau Schmidt
17:40 18 Sep 23
Michael BierMichael Bier
20:14 15 Sep 23
Great location.Unfortunately, there was only one service/counter worker in the store during our visit, which led to long waiting times for ordering and preparation. I think it's a bit small for the size of the store. The dishes are authentic and taste that way too.Personally, I don't think ordering/picking up/putting things away yourself is appropriate. In such an environment I would like to see friendly service from the Orient 😉
Beckham DBBeckham DB
16:52 12 Sep 23
Gabi VoigtGabi Voigt
15:32 09 Sep 23
05:18 05 Sep 23
Delicious! The price is totally fine, the taste is very strong.
Patrisia DimitrovaPatrisia Dimitrova
23:41 04 Sep 23
mmaria dmmaria d
23:37 04 Sep 23
Gero MeroGero Mero
18:09 01 Sep 23
nice concept with a very warm host and homemade, delicious Arabic food. Gladly again!
15:49 29 Aug 23
Very nice place, delicious traditional falafel and hummus. Lots of vegan options.
Erich KuenErich Kuen
06:07 28 Aug 23
Food was good and tasty and friendly
Revilo RentsükRevilo Rentsük
16:04 26 Aug 23
Erich KuenErich Kuen
15:34 26 Aug 23
Juergen FigutJuergen Figut
21:55 23 Aug 23
15:52 20 Aug 23
Georg KroenerGeorg Kroener
16:02 16 Aug 23
Finally an original kitchen. Thank you for stores like this.
Sanesio SalladorSanesio Sallador
16:26 14 Aug 23
Tastes fresh and delicious. A real enrichment for the center of Trier, regardless of whether you eat something in the restaurant or order something to take away. Absolute recommendation!
Mahmod SaraMahmod Sara
23:28 08 Aug 23
saed fostoksaed fostok
04:57 08 Aug 23
Benjamin WeberBenjamin Weber
17:49 07 Aug 23
Great, like on TV 😊👍
I like it 🥰
Chiara BrückChiara Brück
07:05 31 Jul 23
Super tasty food! We had a bread each and shared the Vorspeisenplatte which was way a lot of food.
Lima LionelLima Lionel
20:27 26 Jul 23
Went on a shopping trip to Trier with my GF, and stumbled on this small local that serves fresh and delicious arabic food.You order your food, receive a small pager that tells you whenever your food is ready. I had a small variation of 7 different starters, cold and warm and 2 sandwiches.They prepared the appetisers, and prepared the sandwiches with some delay, so that we could enjoy our startes.The food was freshly made, the premises were clean, the staff friendly.Would recommend anyone to go there
Ranjit GopalanRanjit Gopalan
16:01 03 Jun 23
Good place to eat oriental food they have rice veg meat gravy. They also have bread and gravy
Rayan AnassRayan Anass
17:25 03 May 23
Perfect !
Dami ADami A
15:47 30 Apr 23
I had to go back to stack my lunch for the week.
Abdo AzizAbdo Aziz
13:14 01 Apr 23
Robert LichterRobert Lichter
13:15 21 Feb 23
I couldn't read the menu but the guy at the register was friendly and helpful. I ordered a falafel sandwich. Took awhile to make but it was well worth the wait.
Khalil AlkhalilKhalil Alkhalil
20:08 11 Feb 23
Very good 👌👍
Ali Mazin (CHW)Ali Mazin (CHW)
14:49 21 Jan 23
Just amazing
Gabi VasquezGabi Vasquez
14:59 11 Nov 22
Went there for the first time today and it was delicious. Very friendly staff at the checkout. The food is very fresh and well prepared. Can only recommend it, we were both more than satisfied and will pick up there for my birthday next week Saturday and receive my guests. The place is very clean and the prices are good too. I think the photos say more than words. I wish you continued success and stay friendly, we'd love to come back next week, I'm looking forward to it!Best regards from Trier Zewen
Sabine WaldmannSabine Waldmann
23:19 28 Oct 22
A trip to the Orient in the middle of Trier. Also with the local hospitality! Very accommodating and helpful. (The first time, help with the menu selection is great if you don't know exactly what's what 😊) the food was SUPER! Chicken, vegetables and rice, very well seasoned. Spicy but not spicy. As soon as we are back in Trier, we will come back and look forward to it!
Mohammed Nour Al AbasyMohammed Nour Al Abasy
14:13 27 Oct 22
It was so delicious 👌🏻👌🏻
Stefan FeuersteinStefan Feuerstein
07:54 27 Oct 22
We were absolutely thrilled and our children (3 and 1) also celebrated everything. We chose mixed starters and 2 different filled breads. It's hard for me to make a real comparison because I rarely eat anything like that. But it tasted good all around and the store is also very appealing.
Belinda SBelinda S
08:47 01 Oct 22
What a disappointment! As nice as the bistro looks, so disappointed in the food. The falafel and hummus were tasty, salads bland. I was very disappointed with the wannabe tajin vegetables. Boringly seasoned and had a disgusting aftertaste, more like tomato paste. Not worth the money. Too bad.
L. GabL. Gab
11:35 10 Sep 22
Really tasty! Everything tasted really great and is addictive.Red Sandstorm is highly recommended :)We recommend!
14:57 02 Sep 22
We recommend! The interior is reminiscent of a fairy tale from the Arabian Nights and the staff lives the oriental warmth and hospitality. The food is delicious and suitable for different diets.
Sandy sandySandy sandy
18:25 01 Sep 22
Was invited to the pre-opening, just like the big sister, the magic lamp, super delicious food, I like the ambience very much and the team is great as usual. RESPECT for this achievement to Mustafa and his team. I will definitely stop by more often and make my taste buds explode with enthusiasm 😋💯😍
Freya .LauerFreya .Lauer
09:26 01 Sep 22
Small and fine restaurant, a lovingly designed menu that has something for everyone, and a super friendly chef and owner. We will definitely go back here 🙂
Adrian WöbbekindAdrian Wöbbekind
09:02 30 Aug 22
Was there last night.Super nice staff (who also know what they are selling) great advice.Whether vegetarian, vegan or meat lover, everyone will find something in the extensive selection.Ambience is very nice.Thank you 🙂 gladly come again.
Mohammad AlkhaledMohammad Alkhaled
19:47 29 Aug 22
Have you already been to the magic lamp, the little daughter of the magic lamp? Not?! Then you really missed something. I was only there today - the hummus was super delicious and the service was super friendly. Honestly, you absolutely have to go there!”
Dennis MüllerDennis Müller
17:21 29 Aug 22
great ambiance,Delicious food and super nice staff who explained the dishes to me very well.Keep it up, come back 🙏
16:33 29 Aug 22
Favorite spot in Trier. Very friendly and adorable. The food never disappoints and always tastes incredibly good. Could eat here every day. we love
16:25 29 Aug 22
Unbeatable food, very friendly and courteous staff. Also a great atmosphere. I could eat here every day!😍🥰
Leckeres Essen Super leckeres Essen. Tolle und sehr nette Bedienung. Die Grillplatte bietet eine tolle Auswahl und die Getränke sind auch sehr lecker
Top Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren Schon mein Vater war mit seinen Freunden so gerne bei Ihnen. Da gab es so grossartige Anlässe und natürlich - feines Bier und allerbeste Stimmung mit wunderbaren Gästen und einem feinen Wirt. Ich freue mich auf das nächste Mal, herzlichst...M aus der Pfingstzeit, Ingrid Zimmermann
Geil Sehr lecker schöner Terasse passende Atmosphäre Leckeren Getränke super liebe Bediener wir werden auf jeden Fall noch mal kommen
Lunch Leider hat die Qualität sehr nachgelassen.... Preis Leistung stimmt absolut nicht mehr. Schade!!!! Sehr enttäuscht!
Mal was anderes Sehr lecker war mal was anderes super geklappt Getränke waren super geschmeckt wir kommen wieder Weiter so
War sehr gut Sehr lecker zum ersten mal da war sehr schön Atmosphäre Essen Frisch gut eingerichtet Wir werden auf jeden Fall wieder kommen
Ein Essensmärchen wie aus 1001 Nacht Beim Blick in die Speisekarte beginnt ein Essensmärchen wie aus 1001 Nacht: hinter märchenhaften Namen wie Wolkenweiß und Gewürzwunder verbergen sich sehr leckere Gerichte. Die Speisekarte bietet eine gute und ausgewogene Auswahl. Hinzu kommen hausgemachte Limonaden und Tees. Ein rundum tolles Konzept wird stimmig umgesetzt....M Eine absolute Empfehlung
Super Essen - schön angerichtet - nettes Personal - authentische Atmosphäre Mega leckeres Essen von der Vorspeise bis zum Dessert! Auch wird alles sehr ansprechend angerichtet und das Personal ist super freundlich. Alles in allem nur zu empfehlen! Für diejenigen, für die es relevant ist: In der Karte sind die entsprechenden Gerichte als vegetarisch bzw. vegan...M gekennzeichnet, was die Auswahl für Vegetarier und Veganer sehr erleichtert (sieht man ja eher selten). Top!
Super Super es Essen tolle konzeptnb wir kommen auf jeden fall vor bei . Die Getrånke sind auch sehr sehr lecker
مطعم عربي kaliteli ve ve temiz bir yer uygun fiyat güler yüzlü insanlar ve çok lezzetli yemekler güzel ilginizi için teşekkür ederiz